Information Age

"Fear always springs from ignorance." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We've heard from various historical individuals, teachers, leaders and mystical writers that love is god, love is the glue that holds the universe together, and that for small creatures such as us, love is what makes the vastness bearable. 

Fear is the opposite of love. It is constricting; it stifles our growth; it separates us from one another and from our innermost potential. If fear is the opposite of love, then fear is the opposite of Christ consciousness.

If fear truly springs from ignorance--and I believe it does--then the remedy to fear is information.

The Age of Aquarius is an evolution away from the conservative, fear-based age that dominated much of human history. It is an information age. With the advent of new technology, such as the internet, information is more freely available than ever before. Not long ago, tonnes of information was lost in library burnings, revolutionary book fires, and church bans. Now, more and more people are speaking out against censorship and striving to protect the freedom of speech.

As a result, a lot of information is now open-source. The internet, along with changing cultural standards, is making it possible for more and more information to be available--and easy to be obtained. Now, the information you seek is often only a few clicks away--or a simple trip to the library or your favourite bookstore.

At Alternative Thinking, we are in the business of information. Information is a way for us, and for our fellow readers, to expand our consciousness, to experiment with new paradigms, and to integrate our existential experience into a holistic frame of operation. Books, workshops, discussion groups and impromptu conversations are ways for us to manifold our lifestyles and gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity of life.

Constant exposure to viewpoints, reality paradigms and visionary ideas is a way to ensure that our consciousness is never stagnant. Information-seekers are people who are always growing and evolving.

Being informed is a surefire way to become tolerant of other people's realities, and the constant possibility of being proven wrong. In this way, all humans are amateur scientists and philosophers. 

Every time you feed your head, a little bit of fear disappears. Information provides new questions as well as working theories and temporary answers. Information provides a groundwork from which to expand and explore the endless facets of this infinitely complex universe. Information helps us to embrace change without fearing it; it allows us to confidently transverse new frontiers of life.

Join us in consciousness exploration as we collect, create, and share information on all sorts of topics ranging from the well-loved to the new, previously unexplored frontiers of thought.

Help us expand out like the neurons of the universe and contribute to the complexity.