Guiding Principles


Improve the quality of life, communications and relationships by expanding awareness and opportunity through connection and exchange.


To evolve commerce through leading-edge holistic solutions suited for the age of information and transparency.

We are connecting a diverse tribe of alternative thinkers, healers, creatives and evolutionaries to facilitate purpose and progress.


  • We are a part of a living, loving universe
  • We are alternative thinkers and relentless innovators
  • We improve life for future generations
8 Operating Principles




Alternity is founded on 3 key values:

1. We believe that spirit is ever present in what we do and we embrace the love felt from worlds unseen.

We see our work as playful and celebratory. We cherish the opportunity to raise the fun factor at each instance and reverberate joyful bliss.

2. We are alternative thinkers and relentless innovators

We always push for better solutions. We believe in starting from the furthest point and extending from there. Surpassing industry standards, we create new benchmarks for ourselves, and then keep going.

3. We improve life for future generations

We regard the environment and social responsibility as essential to our operations. We feel the obligation to make the most of our time on this plane and share recognition of life being sacred and precious.