Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is everywhere. It is often referred to as the basic code of everything in nature, including ourselves. We've only got to learn how to see it.

There is an ancient philosophy that the universe is coded through geometry. Plato wrote that "God geometrizes continually". More recently, mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss said that "God arithmetizes."

We can observe sacred geometry and mathematical principles at work in nature. Some notable examples:

  • the chambered nautilus's shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate its fixed rate of development without altering its basic structure

  • honeybees construct their hives in hexagonal cells. 

Perhaps in part due to the intuitive understanding of the prominence of sacred geometry in existence, geometric ratios and shapes were often used in the design of Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Medieval European, and Roman architecture. Mandalas and yantras can also be interpreted as expressions of sacred geometry, and have been used extensively by Eastern spiritual groups. 

At Alternative Thinking, sacred geometry also expresses itself in art. Here are a few ways we have incorporated sacred geometry into our space:

  • The Playful Geometer's Cosmic Spacecrafts are displayed throughout the store and used as soft lighting. Handcrafted by a local artist, these unique lanterns have been constructed in geometric shapes, including The Star Tetrahedron, 12-sided dodecahedron, Great Rhombihexacron, Cumulated Icosahedron,  Rhombic Tricontahedron/"Earth Grid Dome," and Stellated Tricontahedron.

  • Sacred geometry stained glass as a feature of our zen display, created by talented local artist, Andrew Wilson.

  • Sacred geometry pendants for protection and star activation, sacred geometry EMF protection for your electronics, and the one-of-a-kind Yosef Codes comprise an entirely new way for you to explore sacred geometry. 

  • Come experience the wall of spiritual imagery from The Language of Creation. These pages incorporate geometry and act as gateways or portals to higher consciousness. Frequent Language of Creation workshops and axiatonal alignments are available as gifts for your service on earth.

  • Magnets and stickers, featuring the sacred geometry within crop circles.

  • Extensive section on sacred geometry, including texts, workbooks, photography and art, and even colouring books to create your own sacred geometry mandalas.

  • And, of course, be sure to experience our Crystal Temple Pyramid, presently used for healing and energy work.