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Our bulk organic food and nutrient products are carefully selected to offer the best that's available. High density nutrients indicates the real value of our food. Extensive research and consideration is done to ensure that our organic foods are ethically sourced and of the best quality. To wrap it all up, our minimal kraft bag-packaging ensures you pay the lowest price possible! Our wide range of health food products include: Snacks, Dried Fruits & Nuts, Oils & Butter, Herbs & Spices, Grains & Seeds, Cacao & Coconut.

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Nature; the gift that keeps on giving! We invite you to explore the natural healing properties and preventative care of herbal medicine. Our bulk organic health foods aim to promote optimal health and maintain well-being. Bringing you an extensive variety of herbs and nutrients like mushroom extracts, organic tea blends, power grains, and organic herbs & spices.

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Alternative Thinking first began as a small used bookstore in Toronto, built with the intention of expanding awareness by making alternative lifestyle books available for everyone. Our shelves offer a curated selection on a variety of subjects like health & wellness, spirituality, Eastern traditions, astrology, consciousness, science, sustainability, psychedelia, alternative medicine, and books by BIPOC authors. Mostly recent publishings on theories and information by authors exploring various subjects in the spectrum of alternative thinking.

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Tarot & Oracle

We are proud to feature a mix of popular and unique Tarot Cards & Oracle Decks. Welcoming collectors of limited edition decks that consist of stunning artwork, as well as traditional decks. Available here in our online store, or visit our Toronto location to find a deck that speaks to you.

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Body Care

Feel good about what you put on your body! Experience the all natural and locally handmade body care collection formulated without any questionable ingredients. We’re committed to curating simple body care essentials to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin with organic ingredients.

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Zen Decor

The beauty of Zen design embodies a minimalist philosophy that creates serenity by making use of natural materials, earthy tones, and patterns of light. You can set the ambiance of a calming space by exploring our selection of artisan decorative terrariums, handmade candles, atmospheric lanterns, and Himalayan salt lamps that mimic dimmed sunlight. We also offer neutral toned tapestries and geometric style banners in a variety of patterns to add visual balance to any space.

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Explore our biodegradable eco-ware collection offering a variety of low waste essential household items and all natural cleaning products selected with the well-being of the environment in mind. The biodegradable cleaning products include all purpose cleaners, eco-friendly laundry detergent, and toxin free toilet cleaners. Our sustainable household essentials promote a zero waste lifestyle including reusable snack bags, beeswax food wraps, glass straws and more!

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant extracts commonly used to promote optimal health and wellbeing. They are known to offer natural healing properties through applications like aromatherapy and immunity boosts for preventative care. With our commitment to ethical sourcing top of mind, we bring you unrefined, high quality essential oils and diffuser blends. Whether you’re shopping from our pure concentrated oils, roll-on applicators, or tincture blends, our shop is bound to offer options that are right for you.

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Our ceremonial collection includes essential ritualistic supplies. It has a variety of products traditionally found only in new age and metaphysical supplies shops, essential ritualistic supplies, from smudge accessories, Palo Santo & Sage, incense, and sound healing instruments like chakra drums, koshi chime, and various sizes of crystal singing bowls.

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Surrounding ourselves with crystals is founded in the desire to create a greater sense of beauty. Crystals are a reflection of the index of possible colors and formations, signifying the essence of creative forces. Explore our wide selection of minerals, raw crystals, salt lamps, sliced fossils, healing stones & crystal jewelry. Visit us at our Toronto location to browse our large glass displays which hold an extensive variety from Agate to Zoisite. Choose from our hand-selected minerals including large free form rocks, raw pieces, geode halves, polished spheres and more.

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Explore our one-of-a-kind accessories and handmade jewelry selection. We aim to inspire conscious consumption by supporting independent creators and traditional craft from around the world. From local artisans to international creatives, we have the unique adornment piece you’ve been looking for!

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The influence behind this collection derives from connecting with local and international designers, discovering unique styles and sourcing garments that are ethically and sustainably made. Our wearables offer custom-designed aesthetic appeal to any outfit with pieces like printed neck gaiters, geometric style scarfs, textured wallets, versatile fairy-inspired fringe body wraps, festival-ready embroidered belts, psychedelic art canvas drawstring backpacks, and more. Shop authentic apparel that will complement your ensemble.

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Visionary Art

Visionary art culture is growing and evolving with modern day digital tools, opening new possibilities to dive deeper in the realm of expression. We're delighted to be ambassadors to some of the most talented artists. Transcend the physical world and experience wider visions of inner awareness through spiritual and mystical visionary art. Explore the visionary realm through other-worldly imaginative puzzles, harmonic artwork preserved into UV laminate stickers and embellished garments.

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