Alter8 Symbolism

#Jewelry #Clothing #Floral

We call upon the butterfly to guide us into higher forms of embodiment by hovering around in our clothing section for those looking for ways to add radiance to their expressions.

Spirit of embodiment. We relate to the butterfly by embodying and radiating, in full expression, a colorful display of the vibrancy we are capable of transmitting. The wings of the butterfly being a canvas, an artistic reflection of beauty. The drive of the inner self to become transparent on the outermost layer.

Quote from “The butterfly spirit encourages you to pay attention to the areas in your life/personality that seek a profound evolution of self, and to be sensitive to the cycles of expansion and growth. The butterfly carries the message to flow through life’s changes with grace and lightness; to embrace renewal and rebirth with playfulness and delight.”


#Food #Hexagon #HoneyComb

The bee serves as a reminder to remain selfless in our actions on an everyday basis. This energy helps guide us in our approach to food offerings. Whether it be cooking, preparation, or serving, the hive mind strives towards achieving the best version of us. The sum of our efforts is tasted in every bite in the food we produce.

The essence of inspiration comes through the bee. What a single bee aspires to achieve seems insurmountable at a glance, yet with extraordinary dedication and will to overcome obstacles, the unimaginable is made real. The sweet nectar of honey is the ultimate manifestation of hard work and labor. The selfless nature towards service to the hive represents flawless cooperation and higher purpose. Sacred duty in action is the bee’s way of achieving perfection. 

Quote from “We can observe a highly social insect operating within a teamwork-based community with an intricate hierarchy. Their hives are highly symbolic, as is their physical body characteristics.” The bee also represents finding order within chaos through collaboration and unity.” 

#Books #Sun #Sphere

The beetle helps us govern our principles and values in our philosophy of what we do. We assign this energy to our library of knowledge, being our books, tarot cards and other mediums of information. Keeping oversight on knowledge that’s been archived for as long as we’ve had language. 

The beetle nests in our library of information. Regarded as the keeper of knowledge in Egyptian mythology, the scarab beetle is often depicted as rolling a ball in front of it. The intimate relationship with a sphere has elected the scarab beetle being symbolized as guardian of ‘knowledge’. The sphere, a geometric perfection, being the closest vision of god in our journey towards consciousness. The sphere is truly a concept of higher realms, an idea of being one with all. The physical universe is void of such perfection, merely being accessed through metaphysics or mathematics.

Quote from “The sacred scarab beetle was highly respected in ancient Egypt, as it was said to represent their sun God, Ra, who rolled across the sun across the sky each night and buried it; much like how the dung beetle rolls waste into a ball fifty times its own weight!“


#Art #Cocoon #Metamorphosis

This process mimics the role of an artist. The canvas being the carrier of this creative element, birthing vision to life. Visionary art displayed at our shop is grounded in essence in bringing spirit into the visible. Bringing inner visions into creation.

The cradle of rebirth. The caterpillar is denoted with fertile energy, the birthing stages of envisioning our own image. This creative potential being observed in the relationship of a caterpillar and it’s cocoon, a womb that births through metamorphosis by fully transmuting into an evolved life-force.

Quote from Presley Love: “Caterpillar holds the grand dream of becoming all that it can be, with no limitations, it reaches out to become its greatest expression of self, spirit and soul. Putting everything aside, it follows the drive to evolve. Caterpillar teaches us to do the same, to find our power to transform in deep meditation, to go into the cocoon and emerge as a greater aspect of self… believing in the possibilities that with faith all things great and small are possible, and to remember that the grand and beautiful things have very humble beginnings.”


#Events #Digital #Communication

We welcome the grasshopper to keep our antennae high and active at our social gatherings and events as communication is a fundamental aspect of how we connect to each other. A supportive element that signifies connection. A subtle metaphor for a ‘high-frequency’ interaction.

What’s the message? The grasshopper’s long antennae is a prime characteristic, actively transmitting and communicating across the grasses. The neon green nature of the grasshopper blends with the high pitch sound that it produces. This high-frequency mode of transmitting signals feels similar to the digital universe and the fast circuit boards that process digital code. This essence is expressed as 1’s & 0’s in the grass part of the symbol as lines and circles.

Quote from “The realm of the grasshopper conveys a dynamic connection between the earth and the breezes that circumvent the earth, one being totally grounded, and one part being totally free. There is an ongoing dance of balance of having your feet on the ground, of being in tune with the energies and cycles of the earth, and having your thoughts in fanciful flight of daydreams, and your head in the clouds. Grasshopper encourages you to dream and put your dreams into action.” 

#Holistic #HalfMoon #Sacred

A spider web is a masterwork of symmetry and precision. We view the ability to weave intricate geometric wonders as symbol of auspicious feng shui and mastery in conducting energy. The spider thus resides in our holistic section, where all the household items such as bath products, home decor or ceremonial items are offered. We wish this icon of luck to support the process of uplifting your place of living.

Surrender to the force of the spider. This revered eight-legged icon has evolved to represent positive energy in the household among cultures. A symbiotic relationship developed from the spiders naturally repelling unwanted flies and insects in our homes. This recognition formed a level of respect for the life-form and it’s presence, a relationship that formed the superstition of killing one in your home brings bad luck.

Quote from “The spider has remarkable feminine energy and creative power. The way it intricately weaves its web shows its skill and the patience it has by waiting for its prey. The spider embodies the spirit of creation and it signifies what can be done with pristine focus and determination. In many traditions the spider is emblematic of the Divine Mother; a strong feminine force. The spider spirit encourages you to integrate all aspects of your life into a whole.”


#Crystals #Water #Diamonds

These attributes are noted as diamonds in the wings of the dragonfly symbol as only the realm of gems and crystals offer such an astonishing array of glamour in resemblance of beauty in an object. The dragonfly is the energy of activated transformational potential. Our crystals and gems are cherished for holding raw energy of creation, sparkling reflections… deepening our sense of beauty at every glance.

Dazzling Dragonfly. Awe-striking beauty in its elegant form as it skims over the water with iridescent flashes of brilliance. Captivating the eye as it comes in contact with refracted sun rays. Mesmerizing wing patterns add a visible tone of a highly energetic creature. This appearance unveils a  magical dimension and steps into the realm of the shamanic, the transcendental. 

Quote from “The dragonfly is a symbol of light, transformation and change, as it begins its life in the water and then moves into the air to fly and changes colour as it matures. It also represents flexibility and adaptability; it has an amazing flight pattern as it can change direction swiftly and effortlessly. This spirit embodies a lightness that can be infused into daily life. Just as it changes colour, it inspires you to be open to experience life from a new perspective.”