Wintertime in the City

On-The-Go Immunity Maintenance

The cityscape is an anomaly in comparison to the pace winter usually dawns on the rest of nature. The busyness of this working hive, brain, and technicolour forest we reside in, doesn’t seem to slumber when our season darkens. It could be argued that there are even more offerings in the city at this time. This is in part the greatness of our landscape. Without falling into resistance against this peculiar city flow, acknowledging that although there is strength and wisdom in honouring our natural patterns; to slow down, hibernate, and beckon winter stillness and solitude, our city offers a resilient “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude, no matter the season, and there is beauty within this flow as well. 

With solidarity and care, we invite you in to pause, and take a moment to simply pay attention.

What does your body want right now? 

Wherever this question meets you – just take a moment here. What does it need?

Are you rested? Are you fed? Are you hydrated? Are you peaceful?

No judgment. Wherever you are is perfect. Just noticing. Turning in. Tuning in.

If any parts of you ring out for attention – please feel encouraged to listen and take one action to honour this self and body wisdom.

And as we call to attention what could be needed in these moments, we invite in tools and allies in support.

What do the vast resources of our world have to offer in support of this inquiry? 

The words and concepts of tools, allies, resources and support are regularly explored here. As this is what we offer our community, in these busy, weather fluctuating, “cold and flu season” and darker times, here are a few “on-the-go” tools and suggestions to carry with you as you continue on your lively journeys.

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Oil of oregano is one of these beautiful plant allies that can offer a lot of wisdom and healing. It’s benefits are vast. Being a powerful antioxidant, natural antibiotic, and encompassing anti-inflammatory properties - the list really goes on. We have an Oregano essential oil that is 100% organic pure oil so it is recommended to put a drop or two in a carrier oil to allow for a gentle integration to your body. 

Our Crystalized Ginger flies off the shelf. It’s a wonderful on-the-go item for snacking and sharing. Ginger is a wonderful immunity booster, can help relieve nausea and stomach upset, and is said to help relieve stress and anxiety. Also, Let's be honest. They are delicious.

Sage is known for a cleanser of space - and perhaps mostly focused on clearing away negative energies. Did you know that it is also a powerful anti-bacterial? As long as you’re okay with having smoke in your space for some moments (not recommended if you’re having lung issues), burning some sage, or using a sage essential oil in a diffuser, can really help clear and clean your personal space of microbial and bacterial intrusions.


Crystal Allies

Selenite is a beautiful stone that holds in a lot of light. It’s recommended for our darker seasons, as the light it holds aids in depression and general sadness. It’s also a self-cleaning stone and can charge other crystals and allies around you.  

Amethyst is a powerful and well balanced stone in all that it offers. From protection, stress-management, promoting calm and balance, Amethyst is one of these “heal-all” stones, and is a great crystal ally to hang out with.

Calcite helps with the mental state. It brings clarity, focus, expansion of thought and consciousness. It helps clear emotional blockages, and open avenues of creativity and inspiration.

Rose Quartz is about love. Particularly loving the self, and we know that when one is swimming within an internal frequency of love, it can’t help but illuminate outwardly to those around you. And the connections between love and health, wellness, immunity? In a holistic view, these are absolutely integral. 


The Magic of Mushrooms!

Fascinating little healers they are. Working on a level that isn’t even fully understood yet, we know that mushrooms have a vast array of healing capacities.

At Alternative Thinking, we always have a chaga mushroom brew on. Chaga is an anti-inflammatory and immune boosting entity. Come and enjoy a cup on the go. And if you’re feeling bold and independent, we also offer Ground Chaga and Reishi Slices to be prepared on your own at home. 

We also offer extracts, blends and tinctures by Harmonic Arts, Four Sigmatic, and Mayana Cacao of whom we offer, collaborate with and utilize in-house. 


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Come Visit Us!

At Alternity, we warmly welcome you to enjoy our Shroom Berry and Lucid Bloom Elixirs, Chaga Mocha Monsoon, 5 Mushrooms Mayana Cacao.

Alternatively, and in the same vein of wellness, immunity, warmth and nurture, we invite you to try our delicious Spicy Golden Chai. Let the healing capacities of turmeric, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon indulge and integrate within you. 

Alternity is also an amazing space in the city to come, collect, ground, and become inspired. Inviting you to soak in the beauty, and come connect with your community, we offer an array of events that can contribute to a sense of wellness during these times. From gettin’ down on the dance floor with some vibrant beats, workshops on consciousness and connection to the self and others, the sharing of skills, craft and art, Alternity offers the warmth, love and presence to be yearned for amongst our concrete container here. 

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So here are a few tricks up the sleeve. We hope you take our invitation when or if it feels right for you. Regardless, we’re here for you and want to encourage love and support in your personal wellness. If you’re not feeling well, we’re not in our fullest capacity as a community. You are important. If we can help each other take care, what other miraculous happenings can occur in a realm of such open possibility? 

With such love, warmth, enthusiasm and solidarity,

The Alter8 Family

~Written by Airrow Toner~