5 Books that Can Illuminate your Mind

What we feed our minds can have a powerful impact on our perspective as we navigate through life. Cultivating a sense of curiosity and continuously seeking knowledge can help expand our consciousness to live in a more mindful state. In this article, we’re featuring some of our favourite books from the Alternative Thinking shop shelves.


Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships: Design your Living Space for Love, Harmony & Prosperity

Over 5,000 years in practice, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of creating a harmonious environment. It seeks to promote prosperity, good health, and general well being by examining how energy, or “qi”, flows through space.

In this book, author Denise Liotta Dennis walks you through how you can use Feng Shui to improve the energy of your living space. Through sharing people’s real-life stories, readers explore how Feng Shui helped them to overcome obstacles in relationships, live in harmony and attract prosperity.

This book also features some never-before-seen insights on the Life-Gua Zodiac, which helps you assess personality matches, and other closely held secrets used by Feng Shui masters.

“This book has substantially more information than anything I have ever seen or read on Feng Shui. It actually talks about the difference between classic Feng Shui and "western" Feng Shui, which you see more of. It provides in-depth details and more advanced tips. It reads almost like a textbook, it is so packed full of details. I would recooked this book to anyone wanted to see more inside "real" Feng Shui.”- Kimberly Boone 


The Consciousness Paradigm by John Smotherman

Shifting paradigms to view the world differently could drastically improve the wellbeing of the collective whole. Making his contribution to the world, author John Smotherman shares his greatest discovery: raising consciousness is the most powerful fulcrum for increasing personal happiness and leveraging the world into a better place for everyone. Being aware and in-tune with your consciousness allows for more capacity to stay mindful.

"Consciousness is evolving, and we are evolving with it. Today we are at the beginning of an evolutionary step forward for consciousness, a revolution of sorts." - John Smotherman

The consciousness of the world at large holds hope and potential for those who live in the most desperate of circumstances. Empathy for others is the doorway through which love enters our lives. Learning to truly empathize with all of humanity is one of the most fulfilling things we can do.

“Mr Smotherman has a depth unequaled in this modern age of those seeking inner growth. He has studied numerous religious practices and is able to unite them into a collective understanding of raising consciousness to benefit self and others. I highly recommend this gem of wisdom.” - Tammy Robert


The Diamond that Cuts through the Illusion by Thich Nhat Hanh

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is a global spiritual leader, poet and anti-war activist. He earned global recognition for his teachings on mindfulness, global ethics and world peace. 

The Diamond that Cuts Through Illusion presents a dialogue between the Buddha and his disciple, highlighting enlightened beings who postpone Nirvana in order to be of service and alleviate the suffering of others. Mindfulness offers us a “wholeness” perspective towards a deeper reality; developing reverence for the environment and more harmonious communities, families, and relationships. Once humans make a conscious effort to relieve the suffering of the world, they will begin to relieve the collective suffering.

“The most clarifying commentaries I have ever read are by Thich Nhat Hanh. He has a way of relating everything to the modern experience... His comments have shed a lot of light on the dense Diamond sutra.” - Niklas Braun


The Blooming of a Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh

In his book, Thich Nhat Hanh offers thirty-four guided meditations to bring us closer in-touch with our bodies, spirit, and the world. His teachings inspire mindful consumption and actions can help encourage joy in your life and alleviate suffering.

His gentle narrative and exercises will help us gain a greater understanding of peacefulness and to further discover our true nature in this life. By shining awareness, we begin to hold compassion and release any hurtful emotions or separation we may be feeling. The food for thought exercises in this book and mindfulness in breathing has the power to aid us into becoming more wholesome people.

“It’s like growing lotus flowers. You cannot grow lotus flowers on marble. You have to grow them on the mud. Without mud you cannot have lotus flowers. Without suffering, you have no way to learn how to be understanding and compassionate.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods

We are all seeking out spirituality or conscious living more than ever before, searching for answers beyond our Facebook walls or local news channels. This is a great time to hone-in on spiritual knowledge and tools, reaching out of yourself and your immediate surroundings to focus on the bigger picture. Astrological systems studied by ancient civilizations can serve as a  guide through tumultuous times like these, and through anything else that may arise in the future. 

This book provides a new way to interpret and work with natal charts by integrating Western astrology and Shamanism into the Egyptian pantheon. Each chapter includes sacred invocations and shamanic rituals to invite the wisdom of each Egyptian deity into your life. 

Co-written by Linda Star Wolf, a shamanic guide who has led workshops since 1984, founder of the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, and  Ruby Falconer, professional astrologer since 1977, business manager, and workshop facilitator for Venus Rising. 

"Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is a new creative way of looking at and applying astrology. It is unique in that it brings together Egyptian and Western astrology. What I especially like is that at the end of each chapter there are rituals and meditations that anyone can do. It is nice to have a book with practical applications. I recommend this book to all spiritual seekers." - John DeSalvo


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