Alternity & Toronto Visionary Arts Collective Presents: "Re-Emergence"

Enter a realm of sacred visions, dreams and inner worlds this new year at Alternity.

Our organic plant-based cafe, used book store, and artisan crafts market will be hosting an exhibition until February the 14th, curated by Alter8 and Toronto Visionary Arts Collective. After a deep incubation period over the past 2 years, TVAC chose the theme of “Re-Emergence” for their 7th annual exhibit, representing a new era to give birth and enliven the world with art again.

“The visionary artists of this year’s show bring forth a variety of mediums, displayed in both virtual and physical gallery space. We are excited this year to be partnering with Alternity & House of Energy to offer a permanent collection of Canadian Visionary Art.”

These sacred visions and realms expressed through the various art pieces throughout the space celebrate the sacred and divine. They reflect and honour the transpersonal goal to seek a higher purpose. As TVAC says in their mission statement:

“Surreal, and spiritually imaginative images can open us to new thoughts and new ways of being–to transformation, to healing, to our imaginations.”

We’ve chosen some of our favourite pieces from TVAC’s collection that you can experience for yourself throughout the space. Come and explore the world of visionary art through the eyes of painters, mixed media, sculptors, and digital media artists. Here are just a few of the highlights we’d like to share, and the stories of the artists behind them.

“Spirits of the Luna Moth” and “Amethystos” By Cornelia Rose (@corneliarose_creation)

Cornelia has been creating art since she was young and finds self- expression through the arts. She went to York University for an undergraduate of both Psychology and Visual Arts. Her dream and passion is to combine Art and Healing. She also works with therapeutic groups to provide art classes & workshops. It is her hope to bring healing and awareness to people's lives through the designs, images and intentions of her work.

“Worlds Inside” By Ola Cichy (@ola_cichy)

Ola Chichy is a Russian-Canadian artist whose works are inspired by the mysteries of human nature, and the spiritual journey of the soul. Ola incorporates elements of Neuro-Art and Augmented Reality into her artworks, along with natural materials for texture. This painting has been enhanced with Augmented Reality. Visit our location and download the Artivive Enhanced App to interact.

“Give Me Strength” by Michelle Lynn Johnson (

Michelle Lynn Johnson is a small business owner, entrepreneur and graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. She owns and operates The Fairies Pyjamas, a whimsical festival inspired clothing line. She hopes to ignite the whimsical spirit in all of us through her various forms of art, or as she describes it, medicine.

“I can imagine myself as anyone or anything. I am a fairy warrior: fierce yet kind, strong yet gentle: I can face every obstacle with a smile.”

Using acrylic on canvas, she paints visions depicting human traits told with animals, and often uses sacred geometry in her compositions to explore the realm between consciousness and unconsciousness - fusing together realism and fantasy.

“Shadow Self Illuminated” by Melysa Gorlicky (

Melysa Gorlicky is a Toronto based mixed-media fine artist and live performance painter. You may have spotted her painting live around the city of Toronto over the past 20 years. She is an OCAD graduate, and likes to break the mold by merging art and entertainment into one practice. She enjoys working with a wide range of materials and styles, hosting workshops, private art lessons, and working with local charities.

Nicole Tupechka (

Usui/Shinpiden Reiki Master, Medicine Wheel Facilitator, and Wellness Guide, Nicole is the Founder and Director of the Centre of Evolution, and teaches career empowerment and wellness at the Schulich Executive Education Centre. She is an all-around creative and healer, with a mission to usher evolution into all aspects of life. She explores many different art forms including photography & digital art, jewellery making, weaving dream catchers, and making music.

“I truly believe art is magic. To be able to take a concept from my mind and then create it with my own two hands is a beautifully mysterious and satisfying process.”


Are you ready to Re-Emerge?

Until February 14th, we invite you to treat yourself to a hot drink or a fresh plant-based elixir, and take your time as you explore & reflect on each piece that speaks to you. We are open at 333 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Tuesday-Friday from 11am - 7pm, and on Saturdays from 11am-5pm.

You can also purchase tickets to the Toronto Visionary Arts Collective’s Virtual Exhibition, running until February 14th.