A Conscious Gift Giving Guide

When you think of this holiday season, what comes to mind?

Is it a smell, a song, or a favourite food? A cold winter breeze or the crunching of snow beneath your feet? A much anticipated reunion with friends and family? Whether you celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, or any other celebrations that take place this winter season, chances are you engage in the tradition of gift giving.

How can we nurture a more mindful approach to gift giving, instead of contributing to the mass-consumption that is so often associated with this time of year? By slowing down to ask the right questions and make choices in alignment with our principles & values, we can make more conscious decisions that foster a brighter holiday season full of cheer and possibility.

Check out these 8 personality traits we’ve outlined below with recommendations for what that person would love to receive - a truly unique treasure chosen with purpose!

1. The Crystal Collector

For centuries, crystals have held significance in many cultures and continue to be appreciated for their natural beauty and energetic benefits. Tumbled crystals are one of our most popular offerings, as they are very cost-effective and multi-purpose in terms of use. Crystal points are often used for healing, divination, manifestation rituals, and metaphysical work. Raw chunks and some of our huge specimens can make a great conversation piece in any home.

Whether you want to help your loved one attract abundance, relieve anxiety, unlock creativity, or bless a new home, with our expansive collection we’re sure to have the crystal you’re looking for!

2. The Locally Made Advocate

Supporting local artisans is one of our highest priorities when curating the high quality goods you’ve come to expect from our shop. Choosing local has so many benefits, including reducing the carbon footprint in the journey of the product, supporting our local economy, and helping to support small businesses and creators across Canada.


3. The Eco-Conscious

Our shelves are decked out with eco-friendly products that help reduce plastic waste, or are made with all-natural ingredients. This makes Alternative Thinking the perfect place to find gifts for your eco-conscious friends, or those who are looking for ways to break wasteful habits. This selection of sustainable offerings can help support a healthy planet.


4. The Wellness Enthusiast

Do you know someone who’s really into fitness, nutrition, or maintaining a healthy mental, spiritual and physical balance? Choosing a gift that will encourage them to continue their healthy habit of prioritizing their well-being lets them know that you are noticing their efforts, and might even inspire you to follow their lead! Wellness can take so many forms, so the possibilities are really endless in this category!


5. The Wisdom Seeker

We have always been driven by the purpose of making esoteric and diverse ideas available for all to discover and explore. Celebrate the curiosity of your cherished friend with a little food for the mind and soul. Here are some of our favourite books, decks and guides we’ve been enjoying lately, or are looking forward to using in the new year:


6. The Healer

Healers come in so many shapes and forms, but what they all have in common is a passion and desire to improve the lives of others with their unique gifts. Whether your special someone is a Reiki master, sound healer, or holistic herbalist, we’ve got a little something to help elevate their practice.


7. The Trend Setter

We pride ourselves in our wearable collection of handmade jewelry and sustainable fashion. We’ve curated a selection for that fashion-forward friend who’s got a knack for handmade clothing and truly unique accessories. Your purchase will make an impact on the independent creators all over the world who design wearable pieces of art, leverage upcycled textiles, or keep traditional indigenous art forms alive.


8. The Home Body

Giving gifts that promote self-love and relaxation may be one of the most meaningful gestures you can make this season. With the colder weather approaching, get your loved one excited to cozy up at home and cherish a little down time.

Still finding it hard to make a decision? You can always give the gift of choice with one of our Gift Cards!

Happy holiday shopping from the Alter8 family to yours!

As a Visionary Eco-Market, our mission has always been to empower you with the knowledge and tools to promote a collective global evolution. You can make a difference by shopping consciously with intention. With gratitude and an ever present community spirit, we deeply appreciate your choice to support small family-owned businesses like ours this holiday season!