Visions of a Blind Man: What's Done in the Dark...Must Come to the Light!

Visions of a Blind Man is a mystery, drama, thriller, and supernatural with an impact that affect the relationship between the characters physically, emotionally and mentally. The main character Claude learns how to be true to himself even though he emotionally gets lost in his journey. He never gives up and is determined to pursue his goal to better his life in his own right...on his dark path into his own revelation of terror. The characters are all faced with temptation...They`ve been tempted. Everyone has been tempted. `Visions of a Blind Man` will keep you guessing...every turn is an impact! Remember* What`s done in the dark… must come to the Light...

Visions of a Blind Man is not just a supernatural thriller. Its also about love, finding yourself, true love within yourself and understanding life`s ups and down and the people you know or bring into your surroundings. It`s about one man`s journey and the people he encounters and how they impact his life as a blind man (how he is looked upon as a blind man). The thrill never stop!!!

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