Tonality is a night to harmonize with the rhythms of sound and melody. Turn on your senses, tune into the frequency and drop in to Alternity’s live percussion night. 
✦ A lively event where you can drum, dance, and learn all together ~ 

 ✦Every session will start with a 1h guided lesson from amazing local percussionists.

 ✦Followed by a live jam session guided by Alex Sanya and some featured talented local Toronto percussionists bringing together African, Indian, Brazilian and Middle Eastern rhythms for a night of free movement and socializing. 

✦If you are curious to learn percussion, if you are a long time wild drummer or just want to dance and take it all in, come experience TONALITY.

 *Extra instruments will be available for the lesson session, but we encourage you to bring your own percussion instruments.

$15 in advance(until 7pm online) 
$20 door


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