The Seagu11 Project

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The United Nations' Consortium for Aeronautic and Space Exploration (UNCASE) has just selected Michael S. Gibraltar as one of the elite crew for its 11th in a series of secret governmental (Seagu11) projects. A recent discovery in the frigid landscape of the Antarctic has altered the mission's target to a black hole at the very center of our Milky Way galaxy. At three million times the mass of our Sun, the hole is a behemoth of celestial proportions. Before embarking, however, Mike must complete space training and hone up on his sparse knowledge of the physics of black holes and the vagaries of light-speed space travel that the crew must endure. The enormous distances to be traveled will require the most advanced technologies that the 23rd century has to offer. The challenging experience will forever alter Mike's former views on everything from God to that of universal design.

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