The Renaissance of Mind Healing in America: How Millions of People Were Healed Without Medicine


Brief Description:
Can one be healed through the mind only? Or is it a spontaneous remission, a placebo effect, or the result of a suggestion? This book provides a rational and coherent explanation to those unique questions. Step into the mystery of mind healing, into a mystical and metaphysical world that previously was reserved to a select few people. Through the years, many wonderful cures have taken place and various marvelous phenomena have developed in New England since the mid-nineteenth century. In the development of the book, author Albert Amao examines the exceptional healing of the most prominent religious leaders of the New Thought Movement, who recovered their health from 'incurable' diseases by mental and spiritual means. The Renaissance of Mind Healing in America explains the mechanisms that triggered their healing and elaborates on the rationality behind the so-called mind, spiritual, and faith healing. The New Thought pioneers, after being healed with this method of mind treatment, founded several churches and organizations that are still in fashion nowadays. Their influence in the new way of thinking in America has been significant. New Thought advocates a new way of life based on positive thinking. The application of these metaphysical principles to daily life has been proved of extraordinary value to achieve success and to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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