School of Psychedelia

The atmosphere you experience at Alternity is deeply inspired by psychedelic culture. We are returning to these roots with our new monthly gathering: The School of Psychedelia. 

This will be a connective place where psychedelic lovers, healers, evolutionaries and the vividly curious can come together to share mind-altering knowledge and connection. The evening will begin with a special speaker who will lead us into an illuminating discussion on psychedelic knowledge, with subjects such as plant medicine, clinical psychedelia, and the culture behind it all - and far more - being consciously explored. 
This wisdom transmission will then open up into a social event where we can continue to connect, explore and co-create the psychedelic culture together in our visionary space.

Alternity @ 333 Bloor Street West. 
Tickets: $15
Door: $20

*non refundable. Transferable

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