Open Medicine

Open Medicine is a multidisciplinary, evolutionary open mic night that seeks to celebrate and connect artists who bring forms of healing to themselves and to their communities through their crafts. 

This is for the Muses With Medicine.

✦ We invite you to share your unique essence through a fluid variety of forms, and we open our sharing circle wide to poetry, storytelling, theatre, song, music, dance, healing arts, or any other craft that you may have called home. The performances will take place in an open mic format with the sign sheet available at the door. 

✦  Community Council Portion: Open Medicine is a container of compassion, openness and community care. We seek to uplift each other and witness each other in our authenticity & vulnerability with deep awareness. ✦ After each share, we will take some intentional time to reflect with one another, on the meanings and value that each performer brought to us, allowing us to ground and appreciate every offering with reverence. 

Open Medicine is a magical open mic night where the muses on both the stage and in the audience can participate in the healing and transformative effect that Art has in our lives, and in our World Web at large. ~

》The open mic sign up sheet will be available at the door.  

》Please keep in mind that each performance should aim to be a maximum of five minutes. 

》Event exchange is $10 in advance (Tickets are available on our website and on Eventbrite) and $10-15 (sliding scale) at the door. (Reach out to the organizer @kimora.seidra for financial assistance.)


》7:00 Arrival & Sign-Up
    7:20 Open Mic Begins
   11:00 The End

》Try your best to make it out for the start of the show so we can begin the journey together and witness all of the acts together.

✦ Thank you for coming along this healing, expressive journey with us. 

About the Host & Organizer: 

Kimöra Seidra is a poet and literary writer whose work explores themes of ancient spirituality, feminine witchcraft-wisdom, earth-based reverence and romantic eros. Her history as an artist has led her into an embodied understanding of the level of alchemic transformation and social change that is precipitated by the artist through the birth and performance of their art. She created Open Medicine with the intention to unify and honour other artists who undergo this alchemic process for the benefit of their souls and the community at large. Her intention is to co-create a space where ART and ALCHEMY intersect and she believes that it is at the crossroads of art and alchemy that MEDICINE is born.

Connect with her & the vision behind Open Medicine at @kimora.seidra 

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