Oil Blends by Madame Phoenix


Each of these roll on perfumes is blended from essential oils that augment the crystals natural energy; the crystals included in the bottle, in turn, charge and empower the oils in a perfect magical union.

Stainless steel roller is easy to keep clean and rolling smoothly; apply to clean dry skin- apply gentle pressure at pressure points for acupressure therapy as well as to benefit from its aromatherapeutic and spiritual effects.

~Black Cat: The magical Black Cat is used in traditional hoodoo when you are trying to turn your run of bad luck around.

 ~Blessing: Evoke good energy and bring blessings into your life with this carefully blended vial of essential oil that resonate with positive vibrations. Put them to work for you today!

~Dragon's Blood: Dragons blood resin is a powerful tool that is said to remove negative energy, add strength and power to your magical spells and incenses, and to protect you from spiritual attack. This magical oil blend is made from true dragons blood resin, blended with other essential oils to enhance and magnify its energy.

~Road to Riches: a luxuriant, warm and inviting oil blend made from pure essential oils that smells rich and delicious!

~Spell Breaker: removes magic that has been done against you, breaking any spells that are negativity influencing your life and holding you back.

~Breath of Winter: Formulated from therapeutic grade essential oils (as are all our products!) to chase away the winter blues, clear the mind, ease seasonal sinus c testimony and sooth the spirit. 

~Circle of Protection: Create an aura of magical protection around you with this blend of organic essential oils, specially selected for their powerful protective qualities. Suitable for wearing, using a few drops in a bath or anointing a candle or the entrances to your home.  

~Memory Booster: Get a little extra help with this natural essential oil and crystal elixir- formulated from essential oils said to increase memory, focus and concentration. Perfect for students of all ages! Anoint your temples before studying or whenever you need a mental boost; burn it in an oil diffuser to fill your space with an air of conscious focus.

~Crown of Success: Crown of Success is used when working towards your highest goals, dreams and ambitions. A rich, warm scent to wear when meeting with employers, partners or business meetings; wear your crown proudly and aim for the top! 

~Goddess: The Great Goddess is the ancient source of all life; the embodiment of the divine feminine generative powers that all nature springs from. This oil, blended from sacred scents and infused with moonstone elixir, can be used to connect with that most ancient and sacred energy- in ritual or for magical strength and power.

Dropper:15 ml

***As with all Madame Phoenix oils, this is mixed with pure essential oils which have a potent effect on the human body and may not be suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding!

About Madame Phoenix:

Madame Phoenix products are hand made in Canada by spiritual practitioners of the magical arts. We use only the highest quality, earth friendly, fair trade, natural ingredients.

Madame Phoenix has been a practicing occultist for over 25 years. Witch, High Priestess and healer; She firmly believes in the potential of the human spirit to triumph over adversity and to seek balance, renewal and evolution throughout life.

**while all Madame Phoenix products are made from time honoured traditional natural ingredients long used for the magical purposes listed, we can in no way guarantee or assure a specific outcome.

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