Mysteries of Life Mysteries of Nature


In this anthology, the author reflects on the mysteries of life and nature within the context of everyday life experiences, religious conflicts and scientific uncertainties. As he writes, he expands your horizons in tune with the religiosity of Albert Einstein who declared that Science without religion is lame and Religion without science is blind. Aimed at deconstructing the exclusive claims of organized religions and combating the indifference of organized science to spiritual phenomena, these reflections and publications like these by others will serve as nuclei for courses on Science, Religion and Values in schools and colleges, humanity's only hope to bridge the gap between science and religion within a secular context. 'Science tells us the how of the phenomenal world. It does not answer its why. It is on such mysteries that the author reflects in his poems. He also raises questions pertaining to religion and consciousness, revealing in the process his own broad and interfaith sensitivities. And he says it all in poetic prose with clarity and simplicity. It was a pleasure for me to read these reflections. I feel that many more will have the same experience as they read them. Institute of Technology.

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