Maple Syrup


100% pure Ontario maple syrup is local – meaning it takes less energy to get it from our farm to your fridge. Local farmers need our support and ensuring it says “Product of Ontario” helps us to keep working our family farms so we can help feed your family!

Maple syrup contains more nutrition in the form of minerals and vitamins than all other common sweeteners. 

"Our family has been farming on the eastern shores of Bennett Lake in Lanark County, Ontario since the 1860?s. A lot has changed since our Irish ancestors immigrated but the honest, hard working attitude remains the same! We now have approximately 4,300 taps connected to over 30km of tubing on vacuum and a 600 GPH Reverse Osmosis machine but we are still ALL WOOD FIRED -The Old Fashioned Way! Marty & Andy, with a lot of help from our family and friends, are the 4th generation in the Ennis family to make maple syrup on the property over the past century."

- From the manufacturer's website

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