Indigo Blessing Waters by Madame Phoenix


Indigo water, indigo, bluing or blue, has been used both mundanely and spiritually to get things sparkling clean- originally used as a laundry additive to make white clothes look like new again, it’s become a magical staple with those who know.

Made with traditional blue, herbal extracts and essential oils for a potent spiritual effect.

About Madame Phoenix:

Madame Phoenix products are hand made in Canada by spiritual practitioners of the magical arts. We use only the highest quality, earth friendly, fair trade, natural ingredients.

Madame Phoenix has been a practicing occultist for over 25 years. Witch, High Priestess and healer; She firmly believes in the potential of the human spirit to triumph over adversity and to seek balance, renewal and evolution throughout life.

**while all Madame Phoenix products are made from time honoured traditional natural ingredients long used for the magical purposes listed, we can in no way guarantee or assure a specific outcome.

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