Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will


"Well researched and well written, Destiny vs. Choice convincingly tackles a lot of life's unanswered questions. Scholarly and accessible all at the same time, this is a book that compellingly addresses the soup that is religion, philosophy, spirituality, and parapsychology."
--Stacey Wolf, intuitive and psychic medium, author of Psychic Living
"What if choice was inextricably linked to personal application, science, and spirit? Marie D. Jones explores the fascinating topic of destiny vs. choice, providing us with some surprising conclusions about the nature of humankind and our personal roles in creating not only our own lives but the immeasurable impact we have upon the world around us."
--Kevin J. Todeschi, executive director & CEO, Edgar Cayce's A.R.E./Atlantic University
Since the day we are born, we are bombarded with the contradictory claims that our lives are predestined and that Fate deals us the cards we must play, or that our lives are the results of our choices and that we shape it as we go along.
"Destiny vs. Choice" examines the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific evidence for both claims, and shows us how we can live better, more fulfilling lives no matter which side ultimately "wins" the debate.
"Destiny Vs. Choice" explores:
The historical battle between Fate and free will.
Intelligent design, evolution, the Big Bang, and DNA as blueprints for life.
The Law of Attraction, intention, and consciousness as ways to create reality.
How quantum physics offers evidence for both destiny and choice.
Fate and the paranormal: ghosts, life-after-death experiences, and astrology.

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