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Sparkling water infused with full moon moonlight, plus a splash of Ontario fruits. Zero calories, and no sugar substitutes.

Blackcurrant Lemonade: This flavour has very quickly become a crowd favourite! Dark and delicious blackcurrants blend so perfectly with fresh pressed lemon juice to make your mouth so happy every dang time. Sam says ‘You’ve gotta try it with the Raspberry Moonshine from Top Shelf Distillers!' and we believe her! If you’re looking for something quick, mix with vodka, because that always does the trick ;)

Rhubarb Citrus Peel soda: This one is a weird one and we mean that in the best possible way! Imagine full-bodied, tangy rhubarb, plus all the pithiness from the peels and boom - you’ve got the best “grapefruit” drink this side of the equator. We use the peels from other soda flavours, so that we can give “waste” new life. Julia mixes this with triple sec and vodka to get all the citrus notes possible in her cocktail, but others prefer citrus forward gins.

Foraged Botanicals Tonic: This soda is made completely from foraged ingredients! Staghorn Sumac, Juniper Berries (from scrubby Eastern Cedars), Cedar leaves and Pine needles all go into this drink. The sumac hits your tongue with a tartness that mellows into a beautiful forest flavour, making this the perfect tonic for your gin. This has been a County Bounty classic from the start, being mixed with gins that are heavier on the botanicals like Ungava, Georgian Bay, Isle of Harris or Sloe Gin. Nutritional Info: 22g Carb/can

Rose-Hibiscus Hops soda: This flavour has been best described as an “adult  cream soda”.  The rosehips and hibiscus pack a big punch and the bitter hops bring you back down to earth. This soda is light, cheerful, and has many people hooked! No other flavour, when loved, is loved as much. If you haven’t tried it with a splash of creme de cassis, you are missing out, but Mike also loves to mix this with any IPA, including DIPAs and TRIPAs. Nutritional Info: 22g Carb/can

Raspberry Lime soda: This delicious combination is made from farm fresh raspberries because of their rich colour and intense flavour, along with freshly pressed lime juice. We mix it up with both white and brown sugar to give this drink lots of body. It is pure summer fun and your mouth is sure to loves every sip! Dodie loves to mix this with tequila for a quick “margarita” but Sam recommends mixing it with spiked lemonade. Nutritional Info: 30g Carbs/can

Lavender Lemon-Basil soda: Fresh, floral, and easy to drink. Lavender ain’t only meant for soaps! The culinary lavender we use is smooth and aromatic, but not overwhelming. The lemon basil blends perfectly and we add a touch of citric acid to make your mouth smile. A great start to a great cocktail. Sam has had many of these with a splash of St. Germaine! Nutritional Info: 22g Carb/can

Gooseberry Peach Soda: Gooseberries taste like a cross between a blueberry and a cranberry, but are also so unique all on their own! It’s a native plant to this area of the world, so let’s celebrate it! Mixed with Ontario peaches for some of that good good sweetness. Vivian was wowed when she mixed this with gin, and Diana mixes hers with Peach Schnapps. Nutritional Info: 30g Carbs/can

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