Herbal Smokin' & Sippin' Blends by Amanita Haus


Handcrafted herbal blends for smoking or sipping. Each blend is named after a different goddess - with qualities depending on your mood. 

Freya Blend: A sensual, heart-opening blend.

Freya Blend Organically Grown Ingredients: 

-Damiana- Mexico 

-Rose- Croatia

-Lobelia- Canada

Nyx Blend: A calming, night-time blend. 

Nyx Blend Organically Grown Ingredients:

-Lavender- France

-Chamomile- Italy

-Passion Flower- Peru

Aella Blend: An uplifting, energizing blend.

Aella Blend Organically Grown Ingredients: 

-Marshmallow root- Croatia

-Red raspberry Leaf- Canada

- Peppermint- Canada

Instructions for Use: Set your intention, create a ceremonial space or simply take a breath. Use about 1/2-1tsp & grind on its own, with tobacco, or any other herb of choice. Roll up or smoke from your favourite pipe. 

Alternatively, you can brew up a cup or pot of herbal tea & sip away. 

Warning: Not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding*

Each tin is 113g of herbal magic. 

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