Body Wash by Madame Phoenix


Gentle, natural soap, SLS free, biodegradable and vegan made from essential oils from resins and herbs long associated with energy cleansing.

Use it daily when trying to keep your spirit, as well as your body, crystal clean!

Handmade in Canada.

~Aura Cleansing: Everyone can benefit from regularly removing negative energy from their spiritual bodies. As we bathe our physical bodies regularly, so to should we cleanse our more etherial bodies of the astral debris, negativity, stress and heaviness that can build up over time. 

~Blessing Blitz: Evoke good energy and bring blessings into your life with this carefully blended body wash - filled with traditional herbs and essential oils that resonate with positive vibrations. Put them to work for you today!

~Palo Santo: Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years to cleanse both the body and the spirit, creating a peaceful and pure energy in your environment. Magically, palo santo is used to remove negative energy. When used for aromatherapy, it is wonderful for alleviating stress and anxiety and uplifting the spirits, calming a troubled mind.


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