Beet Root Powder

  • Related to the ancient grain amaranth.
  • Highest sugar content of all the vegetables, beetroot powder is becoming increasingly popular as a sweetening substitute. 
  • Pairs well with cacao. Beetroot powder has a slightly sweet, earthy taste. One teaspoon of beetroot powder provides the nutrition in one beet.
  • Athletes such as long-distance runners have been known to use beetroot to increase performance and endurance.
  • High in fiber (about 10% by weight) and contain many vitamins and minerals such as: betaine, alanine, allantoin, arginine, beta-carotene, calcium, GABA, glycine, histidine, magnesium, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), phosphorous, potassium, selenium, thiamine (vitamin B1), tryptophan, tyrosine, vitamin C, zinc, and small amounts of zirconium.
Suggested Use: Beetroot powder is often consumed in smoothies or added to dishes to increase their nutritional content and add natural sweetness. It can also be used as a natural and effective coloring added to water or juice or to create bright pink frosting. 

Storage:  Store in a cool, dark place to preserve the bright red color. Store airtight with no exposure to moisture as beet powder is prone to clumping.

Certified Organic
China/ India
3oz Powder

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