Retail Opportunities

“Collaboration is the essence of life. The wind, bees, and flowers work together to spread the pollen.”

– Amit Ray

At Alternative Thinking, our core is the sum of our relationships. We look at the art of exchange as the most significant determinant in business. In essence, we’ve formed great relationships with amazing companies and our beloved community by becoming a central exchange point!!

If you resonate with our evolutionary mission and product philosophy, we would love to see how we can grow together.

Here are few ways to join forces:

From eco-products, to textiles, jewelry, or pottery, we love to share quality products produced by local talent.

If you fall under the category of a creative and an entrepreneur, we would like to see your products on the shelves at Alternative Thinking! To get in contact with us, please email

We offer mixed models based on your needs. Shelf rentals, consignment structures, or wholesale agreements.

Become a Wholesaler

We pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of healthy lifestyle products, from organic foods and herbs to hand-made body care lines and crystal gems.

If you are a practitioner/business owner/distributor and are looking for larger quantities of our packaged items, fill out this form.

Become an Affiliate

Help us amplify the message even brighter and louder. Our finely curated product offerings are a pleasure to share with those that have yet to experience our shopping with us.

This is a good opportunity for Influencers, bloggers, content sites, large marketplaces and health practitioners who want to offer their clients/followers quality products.

We have set up some tools and a guide to get you monetizing with our platform.