The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Your Alternative Friends & Family

We hope you are having a lovely time preparing for the holidays this year! While the stress of getting the “perfect gift” for your loved ones may be daunting, we’re happy to say: it doesn’t have to be that way! What better way to do that than by sharing the ultimate gift giving guide. We’ve listed below some of this year’s best sellers for each of those people in your life. We think shopping with purpose-driven brands and artisans this holiday season will set the tone for an intentional 2021. And without further ado, happy mindful shopping!

The Eco-Conscious Friend

We have always  been driven by the purpose of making alternative products available for all to discover. Our shelves are decked with eco-friendly products made of all natural ingredients. This makes us the perfect place to find gifts for your eco-conscious friends, or those who are looking for ways to break wasteful habits. Discover alternatives we’ve listed below that are just as easy to use, and often result in saving a ton of money! 

The Friend Who Practices Sound Healing 

For those of us who are lucky enough to have loved ones who practice sound healing, our premium sound healing collection is here to provide them with everything they need to maintain and keep being of service through their craft::

The Friend Who Supports Local Artisans

Supporting local artisans and small businesses this holiday season is more important than ever. We have always carried local artisans in our shop, but this year, we have made sure to carry much much more. Buying one-of-a-kind handmade accessories or artisan self-care products make your gifts that much more special. We’ve selected our favourite products  to share authentic creativity with our community, while prioritizing the creator’s economic opportunities.

The Astrology Obsessed Friend 

There has never been a better time to be a devotee of the esoteric arts & Astrology! For your favorite answer seekers, matchmakers, and fortune tellers, we’re bound to have the perfect gift. Here are a few impeccable suggestions for the zodiac and Astrology fanatics in your life:

For The Witches 

Discover the ultimate Wiccan, Pagan, and Ceremonial selection where you will find the most ideal offering for all the witches you know. From Tarot cards, to Oracle decks, and a wide book selection on everything there is to know about witchcraft. While you browse, be sure to take your time to admire the artwork on these products!

The Fashion Forward 

We pride ourselves in our wearables collection full of handmade jewelry and sustainable fashion brands. Here is where you will find the most suitable gift of that fashion forward friend who’s got a knack for handmade accessories & clothing items. Your purchase will also make an impact on the independent creators who design with the mentality that “every scrap of fabric has a purpose”.

Give the Gift of Self-care

We all have loved ones who may be feeling a little down this year. With life’s stresses and daily responsibilities, it’s essential that we turn our focus inward to maintain wellness. Giving gifts which promote self-care and relaxation may be one of the most meaningful gestures this season. We’ve listed below some artisan-made essential oil blends and body care products for some shopping inspiration with:

Happy Holiday Shopping from the Alter8 Family to Yours!

You can make a difference by shopping consciously and with intention. No matter who you’re shopping for, there’s a brand out there that supports your values just waiting for you to discover them in our online store. There’s always room to make a difference.  And if you are a brand that is out there making a difference, we salute and support you!

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