September Update: Transforming Spaces

Dear Alternity community,

We have some big news to transmit to you all!

To start, we'd like to express how much gratitude we hold for each one of you for your unwavering support over the last 6 years during our most challenging phase with the Mirvish Village reconstruction project..

We're in the final stages of the Mirvish Village redevelopment set to re-open within months as the immense construction project all around us is nearing completion. It's been a true test of our fighting spirit, enduring vast amounts of obstacles along the way, and remaining optimistic in our determination to persevere through this long haul to the other side, to maintain our operation with the goal in sight of having our sidewalk clear and clean of construction debris. At last, we're within close reach of our objective and we thank you for ensuring we had enough of your support to get us through the toughest moments in this journey. We feel truly blessed to have cultivated such a loving community, a testament to our collective power against all odds, making sure we'd make it to this day!

Prevailing through the darker times, this phase gives us an opportunity to reflect, dream bigger and gain permission once more to envision what our highest excitement could entail. We've had the summer to feel the zest of what's becoming of our neighborhood and a sense of renewed energy is present and palpable. As always, we feel most purposeful when we serve our desire to evolve and transform, not letting stagnancy lead us into the comfort of normalized routine, stifling our greatest potential.

What came about from this process of examining multiple possibilities in unveiling a scenario for a richer experience in the scope of our company mission has been distilled into a clear version that's both exciting and in ultimate alignment.

We are set to merge all of our curated products from Alternative Thinking into the boutique area of Alternity this Labor day weekend. Our plan is to provide the same range and diversity of our entire product selection incorporated into the Alternity community hub as previously offered at Alternative Thinking.

Alternity would serve as the ultimate destination for all our boutique product offerings, a lounge and an event space all in one place. We feel tremendous potential for this unification to serve the community needs all under one roof. We have been feeling severed with operating two locations, and our customers often have to make a choice to visit one location over another. Starting this September, Alternity will be able to host all our lifestyle needs continuing to serve as the community hub for our beloved members.

Alternative Thinking on Bathurst St will clear space to introduce a new concept within its walls. Starting September we'll be gearing up for a permanent Artisanal Market, where unique local artisans, creatives, healers and crafters would make a home to feature their unique works and offer their individual services. This concept would give Alternative Thinking more of a feel of an eco-visionary market. An exciting marketplace for entrepreneurs with similar values to come together and have a home to feature their work and provide in-person services. This is bound to produce a unique experience at each visit, much like walking into a curated vendors market. We're thrilled to provide an opportunity for various brands, collectives and individuals to grow within our premises at this exciting nexus point of the Mirvish Village coming back to life.

To expedite this process, both of our locations will be CLOSED from SEPTEMBER 1st to the 4th to facilitate the move. Starting September 5th, you'll be welcomed to Alternity's revisioned space to find all your favorite products on the shelves. Alternative Thinking will be having a month-long clearance sale for the month of September for select items that will be phased out during the move. 

We thank you for your trust and loving support as we're set to embark on yet another evolutionary step and gain momentum to enrich the quality of our collective experience.

With love and delight,

Alter8 team