Voyage in Destiny - Part Three: From the Analysis of Specific Ancient Discoveries, a Message for the Survival of Mankind


Destiny has placed "knowledge" among the priorities of my work.This text, the third in a series, is dedicated to what some very high level Masters of Light have been transmitting to me for several years. It represents a chapter of my voyage into knowledge; knowledge that comes from a wider view of worldly things than that which is normally available to man, new knowledge but at the same time ancient.Here I approach the study of three ancient artifacts.I analyze the famous "Zodiac of Dendera" in Egypt, a very much studied but at the same time misunderstood bas-relief that I later renamed "the Great Message of Dendera," for the incredible meaning that I found in it. Then I approach the study of the Sumerian Weld Blundell prism, a terracotta prism with cuneiform writing, the translation of which has left all the researchers who have been challenging themselves with its interpretation confused to say the least: it is an absurd list of multi-millennial antediluvian kings.Finally, I analyze a little known monument of Copacabana, on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, called the "Horca del Inca," which I then renamed the "Antenna of Copacabana."The analysis of these findings initially took place with the "attitude" of the meticulous researcher, but soon began to "flow" towards the search for the general meaning of the work analyzed.A meaning that, partly supported by logical considerations and partly by an entirely new research approach that we can call the "historical-intuitive method," points out that ancient man was endowed with knowledge about the meaning and purpose of Creation much more advanced than that, which is at our disposal today.The rediscovery of this knowledge and of the method of obtaining it is the only possibility that remains to prevent our planet from being destroyed by humans who have lost track of what their purpose is and which direction to take.

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