Torus Sticker Disc

WELCOME to GoldenSunOrgon!
In today’s age, we have cell phone and smart device communications everywhere we turn our heads. These spaces are laiden with artificially intelligent, electrosmog distributing smart-devices, sending frequencies that can disturb our body’s processes-especially the central nervous system. We are often sandwiched in cities with our cell phones, computers, modems, celltowers, microwaves, smart meters, powerlines, and more that take away from our sense of harmony and health. The disharmonic, distorted energies can cause more than simple uneasieness. The bright side is that if we transform this energy into something beneficial, we can live in greater harmony than before. GoldenSunOrgon applies physics concepts like dielectric and conductor layering, and other methods of energy accumulation and distribution to take in these bad energies and turn them into beneficial, harmonious life energy. People report greater rest when sleeping, meditating and more focus when studying, performing, or creating. We test our pieces to be conductive from any point to point to have maximum energy flow and use only the best ingredients and practices.

Made of Quartz, shungite, copper, zinc, magnetite, gans, ormes, graphene honey, and is casted in epoxy resin.

Comes with a gorilla glue brand double sided sticker that has a powerful 7lb hold.
Just stick it and enjoy.

The eco-friendly resin we use is a dielectric which holds and attracts energy
Metals we use are conductors which attract and repel energy
When you layer these conductors and dielectrics, you get an orgone generation effect.
Also, between the metals there is an electromagnetic null-zone
Where the electromagnetic null-zone is, we make capacitance through piezoelectric crystals and elements. This makes an intentional purifying and beneficial charge amplifying effect.

Add to any space to aid in the transmutation of negative Dead Orgone energy (DOR-) into a more positive form Positive Orgone energy (+POR) to bring a balance to the energies in your environment.

Place our stickers on cell phones, computers, modems, alexa and other smart devices.

When placed by your bedside, it promotes a very vivid dream or meditation state.

Keep in the workspace to harmonize the energy.

Makes plants grow more, allows food to keep longer, and gives one a greater space of energetic balance.

Great in the kitchens, cupboards, and refrigerators to help preserve food. Especially effective with meat, fruit, veg, and water-dense foods.

Always excellent for meditation and manifestation practices.

Use to mirror beneficial energy into your water, changing the memory structure to living.

Effectively ameliorates electromagnetic frequency smog from cell phones, towers, wi-fi, computers, and other electronic devices that one is exposed to on a daily basis.

-When placed at the bedside, it promotes a very beneficial dream and meditative state experience.
-Add to any space to change stagnant energy to naturally harmonic.
-Place devices on or by cell phones, computers, modems, and other smart devices to harmonize the distorted, electrosmong energy radiation they give off. For especially powerful amelioration look for shungite, tensor rings, gans, & copper-lined pyramid angles (pyramid only).
-Get a smart sticker for your phone, modem, computer, or other smart device to harmonize the energies.
-Intentionally place in the workspace or studio to harmonize flow of the creative energy.
-Helps plants grow greater, allows food to keep longer, structures water.
-Try a freeze text in the freezer using water with the device below it. You can see the long strands and vortexes of the energy movement as it's freezing..
-Put them by your plants and enjoy their fruitfulness.
-Always excellent for meditation, breath work, and manifestation practices.
-Effectively ameliorates electromagnetic frequency smog from cell phones, towers, wi-fi, computers, and other electronic devices that one is exposed to on a daily basis.
-Try gifting one to a nearby tower, smart meter, or other electro-smog electronics

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