The Magus: Kundalini and the Golden Dawn (colour version)


"The Magus: Kundalini and the Golden Dawn" is the culmination of Neven Paar's Spiritual journey through the Western Mystery Tradition after experiencing a full and sustained Kundalini awakening. Once he joined a secret and esoteric school called the Golden Dawn, he was introduced to Ceremonial Magick—a Spiritual Alchemy practice geared towards Chakra tuning and cleansing—whose ultimate purpose is personal transformation and Enlightenment. Neven found that this sacred art of energy invocation not only alleviated the intense fear and anxiety he was left with after awakening Kundalini, but it furthered his Spiritual progression tenfold in a short period. As such, he dedicated himself to mastering the entire Golden Dawn system. "The Magus" is a universal science of energy that combines Eastern Spirituality and the Western Mysteries. Ceremonial Magick exercises in "The Magus" are presented as part of Spiritual Alchemy programs whose aim is to help you connect with your Higher Self and tap into your highest potential as a Spiritual human being. These programs go hand-in-hand with knowledge lectures on the Qabalah, the Five Elements, the Seven Chakras, Astrology, the Tarot, Divination, meditation, Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy, the Christian and Egyptian Mysteries, Enochian Magic, and more. This book also contains a wealth of knowledge concerning the Kundalini from both Eastern and Western perspectives. As your connection with your Creator strengthens through the work in "The Magus," your personal power will increase, enabling you to manifest the life you always wanted. By becoming the best version of yourself, you can be the hero of your own story and experience the joy and excitement of being alive. The end-game of "The Magus" is the completion of the Great Work and the expansion and unification of the individual consciousness with Cosmic Consciousness.

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