The Coyote Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom


What happens when dreams and reality collide? As a blue-silver ribbon of light drapes the horizon above the Davidson's Kansas farm, they are about to find out. James, a road worn refugee from the music scene, and his wife Andrea are struggling to find purpose, withdrawing to the country after snatching failure from the brink of success. Pushed to the edge of sanity by extraordinary visions inexplicably mauled with reality, they run heart-first through the gauntlet of mystical encounters, conflicts with corporate greed, and a paradoxical, otherworldly shamanic being who unveils a world of healing reaching far beyond them. Spiritual insights they will learn, like the first light of dawn, often appear from present darkness and spiritual growth comes with responsibility. Woven with threads of personal experience and imagination, The Coyote Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom cleverly soars along the blue-silver ribbon heralding transformation as it stylishly portrays the interconnectedness of all life and the challenges of a contemplative practice evolved beyond expectations. "Albert Einstein declared that 'imagination is more important than knowledge.' Songwriter, performer, and now transpersonal therapist Carlisle Bergquist has proven that you can combine both into an unforgettable flight of fantasy novel that has down-to-earth 'shamanic healing' wisdom in it worthy of a Nobel Prize." Dr. John Jay Harper, author of: Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century "I have for several years now been an appreciative observer of Carlisle Bergquist's multifaceted creative and therapeutic work. In a world too often constrained by narrow vision, Bergquist slams the pedal to the metal, hits the road full speed, and spangles the sky with the many stories of which we are composed and by which we continue the community narrative full of fun and hope. Welcome to Coyote Oak, you'll like it here. Climb aboard for higher consciousness." Jay Bremyer, author of: The Dance of Created Lights, A Sufi Tale and The Chymical Cook, A True Account of Mystical Initiation in the Georgia Woods"

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