The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Planning, Selection, Propagation, Organic Solutions


"Reader's Digest's" bestselling gardening book has been totally revised and updated with hundreds of new plant varieties, more than 2,000 full-color photos and illustrations, and all-organic solutions and simple projects for eco-friendly gardening.
Review Quotes:
aFor gardeners who know the difference between an annual and a perennial, this revised edition of the classic best-seller covers all the basesafrom how and when to prune shrubs and trees to planting a small orchard. It has a particularly thorough section on pest and disease control.
a"Real Simple (July, 2008)"
aa]Gardening books are good gifts for aficionados and nature loversa]there are thousands of gardening titles to choose from and "Reader's Digest New Illustrated Guide to Gardening" is one of the most populara]a
a"Victoria Advocate, TX, (December, 2004)"
aa]provides a detailed hands-on, how-to guide to maintaining indoor and outdoor plantsa]a
a"Publishers Weekly (June, 2002)"

Review Quotes:
"There is enjoyment to be found in the book simply [by] reading about so many different plants and the art of gardening."
"The illustrations are excellent and useful...The water garden section is terrific, as are the sections on pruning, vegetables, herbs and plant disorders. Chapters on individual trees, shrubs, vines, fruit trees and bulbs are well-done and easy to use."
-"Miami Herald"
"A truly useful volume and one which I would recommend that the beginner as well as the seasoned gardener include on their resource shelves. Excellent illustrations show step-by-step techniques such as planting, pruning and pinching. All of these bells and whistles are nice, but for me the proof in the pudding, however, is how useful the information contained in a book is at answering the questions I have. "The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening" is a valuable addition to your garden library. Hey, it could actually be your garden library.", Insider Source for Everything Local
""The All New Illustrated Guide to Gardening" should be on every serious gardener''s bookshelf or coffee table."
"Not only informative but beautiful."
"Highly recommend it...An invaluable resource for the novice and expert gardener alike."
"This book will certainly be a comprehensive addition to a gardener''s reference collection."
"This book is definitely an all inclusive how to guide for gardeners."
"We are really impressed with this book. It''s the gardener''s equivalent of the "Physicians'' Desk Reference""
"I absolutely loved this book! I''ve been looking for a great gardening book for awhile and this one did the trick."
"For gardeners who know the difference betw
The best just got better. Reader's Digest's best-selling gardening book is totally revised and updated with hundreds of new plant varieties and all 4-color photos illustrations, plus ALL-ORGANIC solutions and simple projects for eco- friendly gardening.
Written by experts, this full-color edition contains all new illustrations, photos, tips, and tricks for everything from organic fertilizing and composting to rotating a vegetable garden. Diagrams on beneficial bugs, weeds, and plant disorders, sections on bulb care for both outdoor and indoor planting, proper sowing of annuals, and properly planting perennials help make your garden beautiful, every year. And it's all presented in clear, easy-to-understand language.
This practical guide is a refreshing gardening sourcebook that features:
* All-new 2,500 full-color stunning photographs and 800 full-color practical step- by-step diagrams and illustrations
* An extensive plant directory of more than 700 plants-plus hundreds of new plant varieties-listed by common and botanical names
* New information on eco-friendly gardening-including recipes for non-toxic fertilizer and disease & pest controls-as well as recommendations for planting to attract hummingbirds or repel deer
* Over 200 pages of charts that provide easy-to-access information on the latest trends in plants, problem-solving tips, new hardiness zone maps, and more
* All-new organic garden guidance-how to garden safely without nasty chemicals, from planting and fertilizing to pest control
* Directions for specialized and trustworthy gardening websites where gardeners can get additional information
* Comprehensive index that features cross-referenced common and botanical names for absolute accuracy
With "All New Illustrated Guide to Gardening" as your guide, you'll be designing and implementing a gorgeous organic garden in no time.

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