Scolecite Raw Pieces


Scolecite is a type of Zeolite (water containing silicate mineral).  Scolecite occurs as prismatic, slender, striated crystals often grouped in radiating, fibrous masses found in basalts, gabbros, gneisses and with other hydrothermal zeolites and in contact metamorphic areas often associated with quartz, calcite and prehnite. 

Scolecite is a stone of peacefulness and connection. Scolecite is an interdimensional crystal. Scolecite offers protection from the intrusion of negative astral energies or entities. Scolecite facilitates the opening of informational networks and patterns in order to communicate with other worlds, especially with the spiritual world. Scolecite is a helpful stone for extra-terrestrial communication and to access information from ancient civilizations. Scolecite helps one connect to their higher self level of consciousness to gain a better perspective on one’s soul journey through this lifetime and beyond. 

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Capricorn

From: India

*may vary form image

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