Sacred Herbs Incense Sticks by Madame Phoenix


These stick incenses are handmade with essential oils, organic herbs and resins. Dozens of different scents to choose from!

Incense is an effective and time honoured way to fill your ritual space, home or business with a specific energy, or to infuse the air with a gentle natural scent. One of the easiest ways to involve magic daily into your life.

~Amber: Amber holds energy wonderfully - it holds the ancient wisdom of the prehistoric forests, teaching patience and rooted deep green witchery; stimulating healthy energy, altruism, magical ability, personal harmony and balance, and aligning your spiritual and intellectual sides.

~Dragons Blood: Dragon's Blood is a resin that comes from a variety of plants. It produces a strong potent incense that is burned for protection mainly and power. It is very useful in ceremony to access the depths that need be present within ritual and the power energies to assist in the spells. Can also be used to deeply cleanse a home or space. 

 ~Truly Patchouli: This distinctive earthy smelling plant is so magically versatile! Used for love magic , and for abundance and prosperity. It’s also associated with the dead, and used as an offering to the ancestors. It’s earth magic strength brings manifestation on the physical plane. What a generous plant ally for us!


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