Rose of Jericho


The Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Plant) grows in dry deserts where it is perfectly adapted to survive, even when there is no water available for years at a stretch. It curls in on itself, forming a little tumbleweed-like ball of vegetation in which it protects itself until the rains come. It blows around the desert freely, opening its fronds when the conditions are moist enough.

As soon as there is free moisture, the seemingly dead bundle of vegetation unfurls, becoming a soft, fern-like plant with soft, green fronds. Just to make matters even stranger, it isn’t a fern at all, but a moss. It’s actually a primitive plant – much like a living fossil, so some call Rose of Jericho the “Dinosaur Plant”.

Many people enjoy witnessing this seemingly miraculous recovery, and will allow their plants to shrivel up completely between waterings.

~Size: is about 3"-4" curled up and 6"-10" unfurled

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