Peppermint True Essential Oil

  • 100% Essential Oil 
  • Mentha piperita
  • Steam Distilled herb
  • India

Description: Minty, reminiscent of peppermint candies, but more concentrated. Peppermint has a sharp, penetrating mint scent based on its high menthol content. The sweetness of the vapour makes it easy to see why it is such a common flavoring and scenting agent.More fragrant than spearmint.

Peppermint oil is one of the world's oldest medicinal herbs with documented use in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Peppermint and its name has its roots in Greek mythology. Pluto - god of the dead - fell in love with Minthe, herself a beautiful nymph. Pluto's goddess wife Persephone became jealous and turned Minthe into a plant, but out of respect for her beauty, she ensured that she would have a wonderful and fragrant aroma


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