My Journey After Death

I know many people have had a near-death experience, but this one was mine. And I want and need to share the experience with everyone who is curious or fearful of death. If I can help just one person to overcome the fear of death, or at least have a better understanding of it, my book has done its job. I hope I can penetrate people's minds and show them just a little of the beauty that is beyond this world. If I can help make the connection for just one person's mind to graphically show how the spirit, mind, body, and soul all work together, I will have accomplished the mission I felt was necessary after this spectacular journey. I learned more in four minutes than the entirety of all my many years. It was so profound it changed my life forever. My only regret is the inability to describe it all with the limited vocabulary that we have. I think by sharing my story I might jog the inquisitive nature of some and maybe answer a few of their questions.

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