Eye Know - Keeping Your Eyes Precious


Do you come away from your eye test baffled by science? Do you consider your sight to be your most 'precious' sense? Do you want to give yourself the best chance of seeing well into retirement? Eye Know addresses these questions, helping you to know your eyes better, know the eye test process better and know what it takes to look after your eyes, all in plain English. With more of us living longer, the question of whether your sight will 'see you through' is more important now than ever. Martin Oguzie BSc Dip(Opt) MCOptom highlights five key factors affecting maximum sight and how to give yourself the best chance of it remaining maximum for as long as possible through better understanding. With clearly defined sections, FAQs and Tips throughout, this is a great resource that is designed to be easily referred to regularly as questions arise regarding your family's eye sight. So how do you keep your most precious sense performing at its best? Find out in this book.

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