Blended Incense Sticks by Madame Phoenix


These stick incenses are handmade with essential oils, organic herbs and resins. Dozens of different scents to choose from!

Incense is an effective and time honoured way to fill your ritual space, home or business with a specific energy, or to infuse the air with a gentle natural scent. One of the easiest ways to involve magic daily into your life.

~Aura Cleansing: Use this high quality, hand made, all natural and organic incense to remove any negative energy from yourself, your home or business, and to clear the energy of any area and to bring a peaceful, lighter feeling to a space. 

~Blessing Blitz: This all natural incense is formulated from traditional ingredients said to attract positive energy, helpful spirits and blessings into your life. Incense has been used for thousands of years by humans all over the world to fill their spaces with energy, as an offering to the Divine, or for its spiritually cleansing, magical powers. 
~Business & Prosperity: Burn this incense in your home or business! An aromatic all natural blend of essential oils, herbs and resins. 

~Full Moon: Beginning with only the highest quality all natural, cruelty free organic and ethically sourced materials, and blended exclusively under the light of the full moon. Nine sacred herbs, resins, woods and oils are carefully measured and mixed to resonate with the full moon energies. Blessed and consecrated, with an energizing, elevating scent that, like the moon, gently unfolds it's complexities with contemplation.

~Cleopatra: Cleopatra, the legendary Queen of Egypt famed for her regal power, strength, unabashed sensuality and charisma. Warm, delicately musky, floral yet woodsy. As complex and unforgettable as the ancient queen herself.

~Open Road: Road Opener magic is one of the oldest and most traditional hoodoo workings. Done to ensure a successful start of a new venture, travel, business or life stage and to clear away obstacles and blockages on your life path that may stand between you and successful achievement of your life goals.

~Mindful Meditation: If you have difficulty with maintaining your focus and peace while meditating, or are an experienced practitioner who wants to take your meditating to the next level, this incense is for you!

~Aphrodite: Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, sexuality and romance. Fabled for Her stunning beauty and allure, she captivated gods and mortals alike. Draw Her sacred energy around you, and burn this carefully blended incense made in Her honour.
May love’s blessings be with you!

~Love is the Law: Burn this fragrant and intoxicating incense to create a loving and open hearted atmosphere in your home, to help heal your heart chakra, or as part of a larger piece of love magic.

~Clean Sweep: Just like using an herbal smudge stick, you can do a ritual to try to purify and cleanse negative energy from your space and yourself.

Made with pure essential oils and organic herbs, all traditionally said to gently remove spiritual heaviness and negativity- a blending of old and new world magics to fill your space with peaceful, radiant energy.

~Circle of Protection: Create a powerful aura of protection around yourself with this evocative blend of resins, herbs, oils and roots.

~House Blessing: House Blessing is a practice as old as human civilization. Whether you've just moved and want to start your new life off on the right foot, or simply want to improve the energy in your current home, using sacred smoke to infuse the atmosphere with a specific intention and vibration is a powerful and effective magical technique. 

~Crown of Success: A warm, rich blend of my Crown of Success oils- use when working toward achieving your highest aspirations!
A sunny, mercurial orange with a dusting of cosmetic grade gold dust.

~Healing: Use this healing incense as part of your own ritual, spell or spiritual practice; said to foster an aura of healing energy all around you- either for you or for someone else. Healing occurs at all levels of the body, not just physically. Emotional, mental and spiritual healing is just as important to a complete sense of overall health.

~Venus Blessing: Crafted in honour of the Goddess of love; the planetary magical influence of Venus energy infused our lives with love, intimacy, sensuality and emotional connection. Burn to connect with that energy, in any love magic or sex magic rite or spell, or when doing a planetary working with Venus, such as improving Venus energy in your astrological chart.


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