Visionary Art Prints by Brian Nori


Brian Nori is a self-taught artist whose fervor for creativity was kindled in his early years. His professional path has seen him delve into a wide array of media development, mastering various mediums such as acrylic & oil paint,  graphic design, 3D, motion graphics, photography, and videography.

Nori’s artistic vision is intimately tied to his personal narrative of healing and exploration. Confronted with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, he turned to alternative healing practices, finding profound insight and transformation through the ancient wisdom of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. These experiences greatly influenced his perception of the interconnectedness of humanity and the environment, which is a central theme in his artwork. His creations are intended to be catalysts for positive transformation, emotional healing, and heightened self-awareness, reflecting the intrinsic universal bonds that tie us together.

Emotional depth, spiritual introspection, and philosophical musings are the pillars upon which Nori’s work stands. His art celebrates unity, resilience, love, and the inherent divinity within us all. His creative methodology is an alchemy of traditional techniques and avant-garde methods, often beginning with acrylic on canvas and expanding into the realms of motion graphics to forge enveloping art experiences. Nori is no stranger to pushing boundaries, integrating projection mapping, robotics, interactive installations, photography, videography, 3D modeling, and artificial intelligence into his artistic endeavors.

In the broader context of the art world, Nori positions his work within the surreal and visionary spectrum, continuously challenging the limits of artistic expression by blending classic aesthetics with the vanguard of technological innovation. He stands as a contemporary renaissance figure, prompting both himself and his audience to venture into new territories of self-examination and imaginative potential.

Nori extends an invitation to all: step into the world of his art, embark on a voyage of personal revelation, and connect with the profound narratives woven into his pieces.

Large Prints are 11X14''

Small Prints are 8X10''

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