Ethereal Vision Jigsaw Puzzle by Mugwort

$48 $75

This jigsaw puzzle features a design based on Mugwort’s original artwork titled Ethereal Vision.

— 672 piece jigsaw puzzle
— High-definition, full colour artwork

— 18″ x 24.5″ in / 46 x 62 cm

About the artist: 

Mugwort is a Canadian multi-media artist and designer whose prolific body of work evokes other-worldly, dream-like sensations that illuminate the imagination.  His work represents an alchemical distillation of archetypal themes, the crystallization of abstract sensations and ideals, and a visual narrative that is both impactful and transcendent. His inspirations include avant-garde aesthetics, eastern philosophies, the pursuit of elevated consciousness and dream states. As a self-taught digital artist who is continually engaged by the dynamic potential of digital media, his creative process is characterized by an unconventional synthesis of design methodologies and an array of cutting-edge technologies. Working in a multitude of mediums such as digital painting, illustration, graphic design, audio-visual performance, large-scale installation design and fashion design, he weaves his diverse artistic expressions into a cohesive and deeply captivating metaphysical experience. His work has spread organically to a global level and has been displayed at galleries and festivals across the world.

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